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Have you been Foreclosed On and Forced to Rent? Can 't Qualify But Have Stable Income? Why Rent when you can Buy?

WE CAN HELP YOU GET BACK INTO HOMEOWNERSHIP –we understand first hand your challenges. If you are a deserving buyer but are being left behind by the current lending practices we can help you find a new home complete with existing financing. There has never been a better time to purchase a new home, and using our creative strategies to name a few known as Seller Financing, Rent To Own(also referred to as Lease Option or Lease Purchase) strategies makes it even easier.

Buyer Benefits:

  • You will not have to meet rigid bank qualifying standards.
  • You don't need Perfect Credit
  • You will pay lower closing costs.
  • You will have a smaller down payment or upfront payment requirement typically ranging from 3-10% down payment.
  • NO origination points or mortgage insurance.
  • You may not have to establish a prepaid escrow account for taxes and insurance however it is recommended depending upon the deal structure
  • Both the buyer and the seller can make substantial savings in closing costs.
  • Receive tax benefits of homeownership Depending On Deal Structure
  • Equity build up

We protect both sides.

To get started, fill in the form below to get on our available properties list, and learn how we can find the home for you. Feel free to contact us by phone 800-920-6216.

While the principal consultants of REMatchmakers and its affiliated companies are licensed real estate agents within the state of CA, REMatchmakers are not acting nor are they representing or holding themselves out in a client/broker (agent) capacity. Clients should seek legal or tax counsel before entering any business or real estate transaction.