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About rematchmakers.comWe are a full-service real estate solutions provider. We provide home sellers and buyers of real estate with legal and ethical alternatives to traditional bank financing. We understand there is an excessive inventory of homes on the market because of the lack of reasonable financing solutions. We structure creative strategies to meet current challenges for buyers and sellers.

When possible, we go around the financing roadblock, and take away the need for costly bank financing, acceptance of a lowball offer, or worse, to be forced to do a short sale. Many homeowners are simply concerned about,: getting their property sold FAST, eliminating their negative cash flow, protecting their credit, and moving on with their life. They don’t want to be forced to take the low ball offers being submitted by the few qualified borrowers looking for steals. Many want –to-be -sellers have little or no equity (perhaps are even a little upside down, but not enough to go the short sale route). What they do have , however, is a good underlying loan by today’s standards.

WE RECOGNIZE THE VALUE OF THEIR LOAN. If they need their home to be re-financed now just to get a release from the loan, then we probably can’t help you as its best to use traditional bank financing and hope the buyer can actually close which is very difficult to do these days. We locate buyers who cannot qualify for traditional bank financing however that have good income, a reasonable down payment but for whatever reason can’t meet the strict unreasonable qualification requirements in today’s credit market. They can, however, make the existing PITI payments.


They may be more concerned with the down payment and the monthly payment than the total cost of the house. As a result they will pay a fair price to get reasonable financing. We match them with sellers who can’t sell their properties because they do not have the funds to come out pocket to close. Or, perhaps they can’t make the on- going payments due to job loss, relocation, the house is vacant, they are making double payments etc, and they don’t want a short sale or foreclosure on their credit. Many sellers have lots of equity, but don’t want to be at the mercy of the “qualified buyer” looking to steal their property. They don’t mind earning a decent return on their equity and cashing out in the future when things return to normal. Depending upon the seller’s situation we can use various strategies to solve their problem (perhaps using a combination of methods such as a land trust, wrap around mortgage/seller financing, lease purchase, or option assignment to name a few.) We structure the deal in a way that significantly lowers the risk for both parties. If a seller qualifies for a loan modification or just needs a short sale, we can help them by referring them to one of our partners. Our goal is to find a solution for every situation.




We are different than traditional bank financing

  • There are no long binding listing contracts
  • In a case where there is little equity, the buyer often pays our fees
  • No “out of pocket” expenses like needed repairs and closing costs. Sell “as-is”
  • Stress free closing process. No appraisal, arbitrary bank qualification
  • “Win-win” solution for buyer and seller; close in as little as 7 to 10 days
  • 3rd party escrow set up to protect both buyer and seller.